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Q: What is the objective of your service?
A: Our goal is help users find best attorney for their case. On our website any individual or company may post, free of charge, a description of legal help he is seeking and to receive bids from interested lawyers. Our other objective is to make poor or dishonest legal representation a losing business proposition. Negative feedback posted here will make it harder for bad attorneys to find their next easy target. At the same time, the business of good attorneys will benefit from positive reviews posted by their past clients.
Q: Is there a fee for posting the evaluations?
A: No, our service is free.
Q: Is there a cost for an attorney to have a listing on this service?
A: Any member may create a free listing. However, to cover the cost of maintaining this database, including the ongoing verification of the submitted information, we charge attorneys who wish to upload more extensive information nominal membership fees.
Q: Do you guarantee the accuracy of all information in your database?
A: Most of the information in our database is submitted by users or obtained from public databases. Public databases may contain errors, and personal reviews are often influenced by biases. Despite such inaccuracies, this information has substantial value. We attempt to verify the information through a variety of tools and remove information clearly false or unsubstantiated.  At the same time, we respect the right of each individual to express his or her opinion, even if we may not necessarily agree with that opinion.
Q: What steps do you take to minimize inaccuracies?
A: Among other measures, we:

- randomly check background information submitted by attorneys against state bar association records, law schools, courts, legal awards, etc. Attorneys found to have submitted false information may be sanctioned, and their profile may carry prominent administrative warnings about false claims made.
- require all users to confirm their email addresses by sending   confirming verification links.
- allow lawyers to challenge the veracity of the reviews posted.  If the attorney provides an affidavit that the facts alleged in the posting are false, the posting will be temporarily disabled and the person who submitted the evaluation will be asked to respond. If the response confirms the alleged facts, the posting is restored. Otherwise,  it will remain disabled as unsubstantiated;
- encourage and facilitate the third-party mediation and arbitration of disputes.

Q: Given possible inaccuracies, is your database suitable as a basis for decision making?
A: We firmly believe so. If you see a profile containing detailed information about an attorney, the cases he or she handled, awards won, multiple positive postings and detailed responses to occasional critiques, it’s a good indication that the attorney takes his or her reputation seriously. If the profile contains numerous complaints and sanctions, it’s likely an indication of the higher level of risk associated with retaining that attorney.