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If you dispute authenticity of the negative evaluation, we 1/ temporarily remove it and 2/ will contact the person who posted it to confirm his identity and request documents substantiating his/her claim. If no proof received from the poster within 30 days, the evaluation will be permanently removed as unsubstantiated. If the proof presented appears to be plausible, you will be provided with the results of the Verification. If Arbitration is not requested within 60 days, the evaluation will be restored.
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Third-party arbitration of the negative feedback √** √**
Third-party mediation of the negative feedback √** √**
Settlement of the negative feedback

If you successfully resolve the dispute with the client who posted negative evaluation, we will review the settlement statement and remove or adjust the evaluation accordingly.
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*$150 processing charge per request applies.
** Hourly rate of $185 fee applies for arbitration and mediation services. The service is performed by an independent attorney with experience in arbitration and mediation services.