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Joey T Hoover
Des Moines, Iowa 50390
Phone: 866 409 0221
Web Site: http://www.ktkpc.com
Drake University School of Law
JD 2006

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Civil Dispute
I have seen Mr Hoover's work product over the course of a protracted custody dispute in Iowa. I've looked at each and every one of his pleadings, motions, and writings. I am not an attorney myself, but I have been in the legal field for more than 20 years. I can truly say that Mr. Hoover appears to lack rudimentary knowledge of civil procedure. As an example, he has stated, in writing, that his client will not respond to discovery until and unless the court first rules on his motion to dismiss. To appeal a contempt of court ruling to the Iowa Supreme Court, Mr. Hoover filed a five-page petition for cert to the Supreme Court, with an additional one-page application for stay. He did not file a notice of appeal with either the district court or the Supreme Court as required by the rules. Nor does he appear to know that an appeal to the Supreme Court does not stay an order in a custody matter. On the day before a hearing this week, on his motion to dismiss, he filed something called a "supplemental motion to dismiss" to cure the deficiences in his original motion to dismiss. And the only reason his original motion was a motion to dismiss is because he said so in the caption and in one sentence in the prayer for relief. These are not the only examples of his lack of basic knowledge about legal procedure, but space does not allow a full accounting. His spelling and grammar are atrocious; his handwriting appears that of a second grader. But the most profoundly shocking example of his lack of skill and professionalism is his inability to maintain client confidences. For instance, he has admitted that his client owes him money; that his client is a pain; that he cannot wait to be rid of his client and never set eyes on him again for the remainder of his career. Is there no one at his firm who is even monitoring his performance? Cristina Canziani 5/8/2009 11:52 AM

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