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Robert T Stites
933 W Weatherford St # 200
Fort Worth, Texas 76102-1812
Phone: (817) 336-7577

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It's regretful that the previous reviewer had an unfortunate experience with Mr. Stites but, based on my personal association with him as my divorce lawyer, it's hard to believe the author's story as being exactly what was written..... I had to deal with parental alienation of affection of my adult children by my ex-husband, along with vicious lies, rumors, and accusations; Mr. Stites handled everything with dignity, accuracy, thoroughness, and an attitude that brooked no disrespect of his position as the one with the knowledge of the law or of the court. Yes, at first I was intimidated, scared, and sorry for myself because I thought he was very cold; afterward, I understood that it was his professional "face" that didn't allow for an emotional attachment in a profession full of emotional clients and situations. Mr. Stites really took care of business during the deposition and made my ex- look like the liar he was by bringing out positive things about me that were hidden by him, as well as things about himself unknown, even, by his own attorney! Needless to say I got everything to which I was entitled plus custody, including the bonus of having future services of an attorney who is well-respected by his fellow attorneys and the judges in the Tarrant County court system - as well as one who is known outside of Texas. I truly regret that the previous reviewer didn't receive what he expected - but sometimes, the unexpected is better than that which is expected.....especially when the case works in your favor because or in spite of it! I ABSOLUTELY recommend Mr. Stites to anyone looking for a well-qualified and knowledgeable attorney in the matters of family law/related, respected within the justice system for being fair, objective, and honest, and an example and role model as beloved father, faithful husband, and loyal friend. Mary White 3/12/2010 3:52 PM
Civil Dispute
Mister Stites recently represented me in a suit. His staunch advocacy and aggressive defense of me, especially during my deposition, quickly caused the opposition to unsuit me. He drew up papers, both responses and motions, quickly and professionally and stayed within the cost estimate he had given me from the start of my case. I have observed the regard in which he is held by both colleagues and clients and have a great deal of respect for both his acumen in practice and knowledge of the law. I would strongly recommend him to anyone. James Horak 10/28/2009 3:52 PM
Civil Dispute
I've never met a lawyer that treated his own witnesses so badly. But with Robert T. Stites practicing, there is such a lawyer. I was helping a friend and agreed to be a witness to testify to some events that happened at her house. I first met Robert Stites Attorney At Law at his office, and the first words out of his mouth to me was this is not a Deli, after I asked his secretary for another cup of coffee since we had been waiting a whole hour for Robert. At first I thought he was kidding, but I then realized that this guy was serious. He talked to us like we were children and was telling us the direction to the courthouse that was on the same street down the road. He told me it was east weatherford rd., Fort Worth, Texas and then explained to me that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. When we got there, the Judge asked him if anything was done on this case yet. Robert T. Stites stood up and said "no, my client just hired a great lawyer". After that comment and a couple of other weird and irrelevant comments, even the judge looked at him like "who's this asshole think he is". The way he dressed was completely unprofessional. No suit, a tie that was barely hanging on with the top button of his collar undone, and clothes that looked like he slept in them. Mind you, this was at 8am in the morning. I'd hate to see what his attire looks like at the end of the day. Being a witness for his case, you figured he would tell us what was going to happen and prepare us. He didn't prepare us at all, other than telling us this situation happened on a specific date and time. We went in, and everybody was frustrated when we were ask to be on the stand. It seemed like our own attorney was badgering us. The other attorney on the case was much more professional in his questioning and knew how to talk to a witness. Robert T. Stites is by far the most arrogant "human being" (if you can call him "human") I have ever met.DON'T USE THIS JERK. HE HAS NO CLUE WHAT HE IS DOING! Timothy Kim 9/12/2009 7:54 AM

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