13 ways to avoid a bad bankruptcy attorney

Trying to find a good attorney may sometimes feel like you are trying to navigate a minefield with a blindfold on.  While there may be hundreds of lawyers listed in your local phone book, this is the last place you want to go to start your search.  A lot is riding on finding the right person for the job.  Select a bad attorney and the consequences can prove significant. 


When looking for a lawyer, you should start your search as soon as you know you need one.  Many people tend to put off hiring an attorney until the last minute.  Unfortunately, this can severely limit your choices as a good attorney will need some time to prepare your case. 


Tempting as it may be to ask friends for referrals, you may be better served by asking other legal professionals for suggestions.  These individuals may be able to give you better choices based on your particular case; whereas, friends may not have a good understanding about your situation.


Be prepared to ask questions and listen to the answers when you interview an attorney.  If you do not like the answers or do not feel comfortable, then move on until you find another attorney.  Once you do retain a lawyer, be prepared to be involved throughout the process.  Ask questions, stay in touch and double check all information sent out.


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