Stealing from Clients


Gregg Hickmann, a disbarred Toledo attorney was charged in March 2009 with grand theft.  He is accused of stealing $71,000 from a former client involved in a divorce and child custody case.  Prosecutors say Hickman was given more than $112,000 to hold in his escrow account for safe keeping in connection with the case he was handling.  After paying out $41,500, Hickmann apparently decided to keep the rest. 


Hickmann was disbarred in August 2008 by the Ohio Supreme Court.  It may not be too surprising to discover that he had been suspended twice before (2005 and 2007) for negligent and deceitful conduct.  Hickmann is expected to pay restitution before being sentenced.


Source:  “Disbarred Toledo attorney convicted of stealing from client”, Toledo Blade, March 2, 2009,