What Makes A Good Lawyer?


What distinguishes a well-respected attorney from one who garners little respect?  Attorney and columnist Joseph N. Hosteny says good attorneys who fight fairly and stay out of the gutter earn his respect.  Look for lawyers who argue cases based on the facts and steer clear of tying a case up in procedural problems.


Other traits and skills that make for a good attorney include the ability to remain independent and impartial, being well-rounded, and able to perform every aspect of a case; ranging from the case intake, to the depositions, to the actual trial.  Not all attorneys can do this.  Finally, good lawyers can put themselves in the other person’s shoes and see both sides.  As Hosteny points out, being able to do all these things is not easy.  It may also explain why it is sometimes difficult to find a good attorney.


Source:  “What Makes a Good Lawyer?”, Joseph N. Hosteny, Intellectual Property magazine